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San Carlos Ambassador team

Patient Experience

SCAHC is on a mission to honor the traditions of Ndee through caring, compassion, and respectful healing.
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Meet Your Patient Experience Team

SCAHC’s mission is to honor the traditions of Ndee through a caring, compassionate, and respectful healing team that serves and empowers our people. The Office of Patient Experience takes this mission to heart. The SCAHC Patient Experience team is an integral component of health care quality – understanding this, we have dedicated resources and programs that enhance the patients experience. These experiences include getting timely appointments, easy access to information, good communication with health care providers and an Apache interpretation.

Patient Experience Ambassadors

Our friendly staff of Ambassadors are here to help you navigate the hospital and help you feel at home while visiting SCAHC. Call us to speak with an Ambassador today.

San Carlos Ambassador team

Emergency Department Patient Representatives

Specifically for our patients in the Emergency Department, Patient Experience has a dedicated Patient Representative from 11:00 a.m. – 11:30 p.m. to help enhance the patients experience during their visit to our Emergency Department. 

Apache Interpreters

For our Apache speaking patients, SCAHC provides fluent Apache Interpreters to ensure our patients are comfortable and feel confident when receiving care.

San Carlos patient advocates
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Patient Advocacy Team

Our Patient Advocate Team is a dedicated team ready to serve as a bridge of communication for patients and their families in moments they may need assistance in understanding their healthcare, needing an appointment, navigating various clinics, sharing concerns and/or providing positive feedback regarding their experience.

Carol Lewis, Patient Experience Advocate

Seth Stevens, Patient Experience Coordinator: