I zee֙ Baa Gowąh - San Carlos Apache tribe historical photograph

The Apache Way

The Ndee (Apache people) live by a set of common values, known as the Apache Way.

Within this system is a central belief known as Gozhǫǫ – that the Creator delivered revelation to the holy people, who then delivered it to us (Ndee). As we embrace Gozhǫǫ, we come to know well-being through feelings of goodness, balance, harmony, and beauty.

Izee֙ Baa Gowąh (House of Medicine) is a name familiar to the Apache people. It not only describes the medical campus, but also points toward an aspect of treatment specific to Ndee.

Izee֙ Baa Gowąh opens a new pathway of Gozhǫǫ and healing. We have designed this space to treat our people, reinforce our history, and create a standard of wellness for generations to come.

Who We Are

The Mission of Izee֙ Baa Gowąh is to heal, serve and empower the Ndee (Apache people) while honoring the traditions through compassionate and respectful patient-centered team.

  • Bring Gozhǫǫ to our people through the principles of goodness, balance, harmony and beauty
  • Apaches Healing Apaches
  • Delivery of quality care for current and future generations
  • Creating a strong healthy community
  • Embrace the spiritual and physical value of healing by living in a harmonious and peaceful environment through Gozhǫǫ
  • Ensure that the needs of family and community are met with competence, confidentiality and accountability
  • Promote and respect the well-being of individuals by offering quality holistic healthcare
  • Create and build trust in all our relationships
  • Recognize the power of our past to produce resiliency and self-determination

Who We Serve

The Izee֙ Baa Gowąh serves members of the San Carlos Apache Tribe in beautiful Southeastern Arizona

In 2015, we transitioned from a federally operated hospital under the Indian Health Service (IHS) to a tribal corporation and organization. We have since dedicated ourselves to making much-needed improvements for our community’s health. This includes extending our services to meet community health needs.

Our brand-new, five-building campus located in the community of Peridot houses over 225,000 square feet of space and dozens of medical, dental, and other healthcare specialty teams – who are all here to help our community heal.

Doctor dancing with a young boy in an exam room

Where We Are

Izee֙ Baa Gowąh and the Clarence Wesley Health Center are located on the San Carlos Apache Reservation.

Every experience at Izee֙ Baa Gowąh begins with an Ambassador, specially-trained representatives who guide patients and their families during their time at Izee֙ Baa Gowąh. Ambassadors are friendly helpers, many of whom can translate for speakers of Apache, or assist with Sign Language interpretation.

Izee֙ Baa Gowąh contains a primary care clinic, numerous specialty clinics, and medical support services. Our staff is a collective of knowledgeable and passionate health care professionals united by the shared goal of service and empowering the Apache community.

Izee֙ Baa Gowąh creates lasting relationships with all patients by practicing empanelment. Patients provide input and are then assigned a specific Primary Care Provider and Care Team. This practice ensures continuity in treatments, optimal care for all patients, and established trust within the community.

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Our Locations

Main entrance to San Carlos Apache Healthcare center

San Carlos Apache Healthcare

103 Medicine Way Road
Peridot, AZ 85542

Monday – Friday:
8:00am – 5:00pm
Emergency: 24/7

Clarence Wesley Health Center

Clarence Wesley Health Center

101 Medical Drive
Bylas, AZ 85530

Monday – Friday:
8:00am – 6:00pm