Apaches Healing Apaches

SCAHC serves members of the San Carlos Apache Tribe in beautiful Eastern Arizona. Since transitioning from a government-run hospital to a tribally owned and operated organization, we have dedicated ourselves to making much-needed improvements for our community’s health, including extending our hours, putting new processes and technology in place to shorten wait times, and expanding our services. Now, we’re proud to have a brand new, five-building campus that houses over 225,000 square feet of space and dozens of team members — all who are here to help you heal.

The Mission of the Izeé Baa Gowah is to heal, serve and empower the In-deh (Apache people) while honoring the traditions through a caring, compassionate and respective Patient-family centered team.

The Vision of Izeé Baa Gowah is Apache healing Apaches to achieve a strong healthy community through the delivery of quality healthcare for current and future generations.

Embrace and live the spiritual value of healing in a harmonious and peaceful environment. Embrace the needs of the family and community with confidentiality and accountability. Promote and respect the well being of individuals by offering quality holistic healthcare. Create and build trust in all our relationships.