The Apache Way

A central belief in the Apache Way is “Gozhǫǫ”.  In our Apache value system, revelation came to the holy people through the Creator and through them to us.   This belief creates well-being through the feelings of goodness, balance, harmony and beauty.  Izee֙ Baa Gowąh opens a pathway of “Gozhǫǫ” and healing. 

The Mission of Izee֙ Baa Gowąh is to heal, serve and empower the Ndee (Apache people) while honoring the traditions through a compassionate and respectful patient-family centered team.

The Vision of Izee’ Baa Gowąh is:

  • Bringing Gozhǫǫ to our people through the principles of goodness, balance, harmony and beauty
  • Apaches Healing Apaches
  • Delivery of quality care for current and future generations
  • Creating a strong healthy community

The Values of Izee’ Baa Gowąh are:

  • Embrace the spiritual and physical value of healing by living in a harmonious and peaceful environment through Gozhǫǫ
  • Ensure that the needs of family and community are met with competence, confidentiality and accountability
  • Promote and respect the well-being of individuals by offering quality holistic healthcare
  • Create and build trust in all our relationships
  • Recognize the power of our past to produce resiliency and self-determination