Opening a Pathway to Gozhǫǫ

Healing, serving, and empowering the Ndee (Apache) people.

The Apache Way

The Ndee (Apache people) live by a set of common values, known as the Apache Way.

Within this system is a central belief known as Gozhǫǫ – that the Creator delivered revelation to the holy people, who then delivered it to us (Ndee). As we embrace Gozhǫǫ, we come to know well-being through feelings of goodness, balance, harmony, and beauty.

Izee֙ Baa Gowąh (Medicine House) is a name familiar to the Apache people. It not only describes the medical campus, but also points toward an aspect of treatment specific to Ndee.

Izee֙ Baa Gowąh opens a new pathway of Gozhǫǫ and healing. We have designed this space to treat our people, reinforce our history, and create a standard of wellness for our generations to come.

Apaches healing Apaches




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The mission of Izee֙ Baa Gowąh is to heal, serve and empower the Ndee (Apache people) while honoring the traditions through compassionate and respectful patient-family centered team.
  • Bringing Gozhǫǫ to our people through the principles of goodness, balance, harmony and beauty
  • Apaches Healing Apaches
  • Delivery of quality care for current and future generations
  • Create a strong healthy community
  • Embrace the spiritual and physical value of healing by living in a harmonious and peaceful environment through Gozhǫǫ
  • Ensure that the needs of family and community are met with competence, confidentiality and accountability
  • Promote and respect the well-being of individuals by offering quality holistic healthcare
  • Create and build trust in all our relationships
  • Recognize the power of our past to produce resiliency and self-determination

San Carlos Apache Healthcare

Medical Services

Dentist examining pediatric patient's teeth

Comprehensive Dental Care

We’re here to take care of your smile — and you. From regular cleanings and simple procedures, to emergency help and oral surgery, our dentists keep your mouth healthy and pain free. 

Emergency Care

The Emergency Department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all of your urgent needs. Our healthcare team will figure out the problem, treat it, and get you home as quickly as possible.

Patient sitting in the exam chair ready for their eye exam


Keeping your eyesight healthy is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. Yearly vision exams with renewal of current contact lens prescriptions and eye health exams, including diagnosis and treatment of Diabetic Eye Disease, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, etc. We also now provide a variety of surgical services with in-house cataract surgery and laser procedures to treat Glaucoma and YAG laser after cataract surgery. 


Our pharmacy can fill most prescriptions within a couple of hours.

Doctor listening to patients heart

Primary Care

Our outpatient clinic offers basic services that don’t require you to be admitted to the hospital, including regular checkups, family medicine, and appointments for children (pediatrics).

Inpatient Services

If we need to keep an eye on your health overnight or for a longer period of time, SCAHC can admit you to the hospital and give you a comfortable place to stay while our team takes care of you.

Podiatry and Wound Care

Our skilled podiatrists help keep your feet healthy and pain-free with exams and treatment for a range of conditions including simple diabetic foot care. Our wound care team helps heal your wounds by removing old dressings, cleaning them correctly, and applying new dressings. 

Specialty Services

Our specialty clinics help heal specific parts of your body, such as your heart, lungs, infectious diseases, bones and muscles, joints, kidneys, and womens’ health. 

What Our Patients Are Saying

We’re passionate about caring for the health of the San Carlos Apache community and love hearing back from them about the quality of services we provide.


Jared, Primary Care/Outpatient Department

“Mother of patient stated that they had a positive visit here at SCAHC’s Outpatient Department. When bringing her son to be seen for a cough, Jared, NP, showed her son empathy and his care when working with them. She would like to thank him for the care that her son received as he is now feeling much better the day after being seen!”


Carol, Patient Experience Advocate, Patient Experience Department

The patient would like to say “Thank you” for helping him with his care. The patient asked for assistance in getting his Purchase Referred Care (PRC) referral addressed. The patient reported going to his appointment where he was diagnosed and followed up with a procedure. Thanks to the help, he can hear now, patient said smiling, “Because of your great work, I was helped, and I can hear now!”


Dr. Pandya, Dentist & Tiffany, Dental Hygienist, Dental Department

“Patient complimented two employees, Tiffany and Dr. Pandya for their professionalism in helping him as a patient. Tiffany was friendly and helpful, she offered him an appointment the same day after one became available. “Dr. Pandya took very good care of me; she is friendly and positive.” Overall, these two employees made the patient’s experience very welcoming – he will continue to seek care at SCAHC.”


Vanessa, Phlebotomist, Laboratory Department

“Patient had to get her lab drawn today and is very thankful for Vanessa. The patient is a difficult draw and because of that, has learned to dislike lab work. However, with Vanessa, the patient feels calm and comfortable. The patient feels as though it may be her demeanor and is very grateful for making her experience in Lab quick, easy and pain free!”


Scott, OT & Khavah, OT, Physical Therapy Department

“Patient would like to recognize Scott and Khavah, stating they are hard workers, and they are dedicated to what they do. The patient can see the work that they do, personally she has been going to Physical Therapy for a year and a half and they have helped tremendously. “They are here for me; I can see that they care.” Patient further states, “They are really good to our people, they adapt to us and our culture. This is a good department – they are like my family now.”

Patient Resources

Izee֙ Baa Gowąh takes to heart its mission to honor the traditions of the Ndee people. We provide a caring, compassionate, and respectful healing team that serves and empowers our people. Here is all the information you will need to make your experience as smooth as possible. 

Visitor Information

Inpatient Visiting Hours: 12:00pm - 8:00pm

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Our Locations

Main entrance to San Carlos Apache Healthcare center

San Carlos Apache Healthcare

103 Medicine Way Road
Peridot, AZ 85542

Monday – Friday:
8:00am – 5:00pm
Emergency: 24/7

Clarence Wesley Health Center

Clarence Wesley Health Center

101 Medical Drive
Bylas, AZ 85530

Monday – Friday:
8:00am – 6:00pm