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Physical Therapy

Pediatrics and Youth:  Physical therapy specializes in pediatric developmental therapy, special sensory integration therapy, balance, and specialized diagnosis such as autism, pervasive developmental disorders, ADHD, and other developmental delay problems.   School aged children are seen for strength, balance, walking, running, and sensory problems.

Adult:  Physical therapy in adults specializes in backs, hips, knees, ankle treatments and provide braces as needed.  We specialize in sport injuries, cardio-pulmonary, strokes, balance, and orthopedic injuries including joint replacement.  We specialize in techniques and equipment to help a patient to improve ambulation and mobility.   Adult physical therapy often see’s patients with diagnosis such as stroke, cardio-pulmonary, geriatric, leg injuries, joint replacements, and sports related injuries.


Occupational Therapy

Pediatrics and Youth:  Occupational therapy specializes in pediatric developmental therapy, special sensory integration therapy, and specialized diagnosis such as autism, pervasive developmental disorders, ADHD, and other developmental delay problems.   School aged children are seen for strength, emotional problems, hand writing problems, attention problems, and sensory problems.

Adult:  Occupational therapy specializes in hand, elbow, and shoulder treatments.  We produce custom static and dynamic splints for wrist, thumbs, and fingers.  We specialize in lacerations, fractures, and ergonomics.  We see a variety of diagnosis which affect everyday living situations and work performance as we specialize in techniques and equipment to help a patient become more independent.   Adult Occupational therapy often see’s patients with diagnosis such as stroke, cardio pulmonary, geriatric, hand injuries, joint replacements, and sports related injuries.


Speech Therapy Services

Pediatric, Youth, and Adult:  Speech therapy specializes in pediatric developmental therapy, language skills, feeding skills, special sensory integration therapy, learning and cognition skills.  Speech therapy specializes in diagnosis such as language development, autism, pervasive developmental disorders, ADHD, and other developmental delay problems.  School aged children are seen for language development, articulation skills, and cognition skills.  Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are experts in communication and work with people of all ages, from babies to adults. SLPs, treat many types of communication and swallowing problems. These include problems with: Speech sounds—how we say sounds and put sounds together.  Speech pathologist work on speech sounds, language, social communication, voice, fluency, feeding and swallowing issues.



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Our Audiology team is trained to evaluate hearing loss and related disorders, including balance (vestibular) disorders and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and to rehabilitate individuals with hearing loss and related disorders.  They can perform technical hearing tests and prescribe custom hearing aids for the individual.  Audiologists help to increase the quality of life for their patients by helping them hear and communicate better in the world.

Durable Medical Equipment

We provide medical equipment to help the individual be more independent in different environments including home and work.  We provide equipment such as canes, crutches, standard wheelchairs, walkers, braces, toilet seats, and shower chairs.  Other equipment such as blood sugar monitors, compression socks, and blood pressure cuffs are designed to help manage health and improve quality of life.   Our team are excellent in suggesting and providing needed equipment to increase in home independence. For more information please contact Durable Medical Equipment at (928) 475-1335.


Dr. Nam Le-Morawa graduated from Queen’s University in 1998 and has been practicing Physical Therapy since graduation.

Dr. Nam Le-Morawa pioneered the pediatric outpatient therapy program at Fauquier Hospital which has grown into a separate outpatient pediatric therapy center providing physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services to children in the surrounding communities

While at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix, Dr. Le-Morawa was a Clinical Rehabilitation Therapy Services Manager and was an integral team member who formulated a new approach to assessing fall risks in patients in the Acute Rehabilitation setting.

Since joining SCAHC in 2018, Dr. Le-Morawa brings with her a full range of expertise to include Neuro (post- CVA recovery), Pediatrics (neurodevelopmental) and acute Cardiac care. Dr. Le-Morawa continues to practice clinically throughout the Phoenix Valley area with work included at Phoenix Children’s hospital, Tenet-Abrazo system hospitals and Arizona Heart Hospital.

Overall, Dr. Le-Morawa brings over 20 years of clinical experience across the whole continuum of rehabilitation settings.  Dr. Le-Morawa has a broad understanding of cultures from living and working abroad. She possesses a strong belief that basic healthcare is a right, and strongly desires change to realize this belief. She works to expand clinical services to the entire community population, cradle to grave in a comprehensive manner.

Dr. Elizabeth Allen is a qualified physical therapist and holds a doctorate of physical therapy degree from University of Hartford in Connecticut.  Dr. Allen has more than 5 years’ experience in outpatient physical therapy.  Prior to coming to work in San Carlos she was a traveling physical therapist and worked in multiple clinics throughout the country. This allowed her to see a diverse population and gain experience with many different specialties.  She offers a wide range of therapy services, from post-operative care, to vestibular/balance therapy, to neurological diagnoses and beyond.

Dr. Allen is originally from Connecticut and has recently moved to Arizona.  She enjoys hiking, woodcarving and volunteering in her free time.  She has worked with Habitat for Humanity volunteering both domestically and internationally working with people to build homes in their communities while learning about their culture.

Dr. Ochuko Ojameruaye received his Bachelor’s Degree in Physiology from the University of Arizona and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University. He has completed specialty training in cardiovascular and pulmonary (heart and lung) physical therapy through a residency with the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) hospital. Ochuko is interested in helping people live healthier and more active lives by preventing them from developing heart or lung disease through exercise and education, preventing worsening of their health and function if they have heart or lung disease, and helping older adults keep their function and activity as they get older. Ochuko serves as one of the state captains for Arizona for the COPD foundation. In his free time, Ochuko enjoys playing basketball with his brothers, biking, hiking, trying new food, and attending live shows. Ochuko is excited to be a part of the San Carlos Apache Healthcare team and is looking forward to helping people live healthier and more active lives.

Dr. Jacob Vogel is a qualified clinician who graduated from Indiana State University in 2018 with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Prior to receiving his Doctorate, Jacob earned his Bachelor’s in Athletic Training from Indiana Wesleyan University. Dr. Vogel has nearly two years of experience as a physical therapist in orthopedic, neurologic, aquatic, and sports rehabilitation in the outpatient setting. Additionally, Dr. Vogel has worked in the hospital setting and in nursing homes as an acute care and inpatient physical therapist. He has a passion for helping kids bounce back from sports injuries, is dedicated to helping adults manage lingering aches and pains to allow them to be more active with their families, and loves empowering older adults to live independent, healthy, and active lives–free of falls.

Scott Ferrin is a qualified occupational therapy who holds a Master’s of Occupational Therapy degree from Midwestern University in Glendale Arizona.  Scott completed his graduate work in 2003.  Prior to this he worked as an occupational therapy assistant from 1996 to 2001.  Combined he has 21 years of therapy experience in occupational therapy.

Scott has significant experience in school based therapy, home health, acute inpatient, acute rehabilitation inpatient, and 4 years with hand therapy.  He has treated individuals of all ages for the past 20+ years.  Prior to arriving here, he worked for two different hospitals in Oklahoma for the past six year as the lead therapist in both inpatient acute and inpatient acute rehab facility.  He is currently working as the Interim Director of Therapy services which includes occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, audiology, and durable medical equipment.

Scott has been involved with community activities such as church and scouts for nearly 25 years and was born and raised in Graham County.

Anne Wyville is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist, holding a Master’s of Science in Communication Disorders and a Master’s Degree as a Teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped from City University of New York, Hunter College.  Anne also holds teaching certifications in Early Childhood, Elementary, and Art Education. Anne has 20 years of experience in Speech Language Pathology.

A specialist in diagnosing and treating speech, language and swallowing disorders, Anne has served clients across the age span, from neo-natal intensive care to end-of-life, hospice care.  Anne is experienced in working with babies, children and adults in a variety of settings, including inpatient and outpatient hospital, medically complex patients in long-term acute care, rehabilitation, long-term skilled nursing, and home care. Anne offers a wide range of therapy services, from speech sound disorders, cognitive and language disorders, and swallowing and feeding difficulty.

Jesse Kusmulyana is a qualified physical therapist assistant and holds an A.A. degree from Stanbridge University and B.A. degree from Cal Poly Pomona.  Jesse has more than 2 years of rehabilitation experience in California and Arizona with outpatient and acute/sub-acute hospital rehabilitation settings. He specializes in physical therapy and has successfully served a range of clients including neurological, cardiopulmonary, orthopedic, sports therapy, pain management and pediatric clients.

Savannah Austin is a qualified Occupational Therapist and holds a Masters of Occupational Therapy degree from University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota. She has more than 7 years of experience in Occupational Therapy. She has successfully served a range of clients, from pediatrics to adults, and including the geriatric population in both inpatient, outpatient, and rehabilitation settings. Savannah Austin offers a wide range of therapy services from developmental delays to behavior and sensory integration therapy for pediatrics. Also including but not limited to various orthopedics injuries and traumas for shoulders, elbows, and hands.