Tribal Warm Line:

San Carlos Apache Healthcare Secures $52 million to Construct Hospital Annex and Clarence Wesley Health Center

Peridot, AZ–The San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corp. (SCAHC) announced today that it has secured $52 million in financing to construct a Hospital Annex Support Building in Peridot and a new Clarence Wesley Health Center in Bylas. The new facilities and upgraded services represent a major step forward in SCAHC’s efforts to expand and enhance health care services.

SCAHC Chief Executive Officer Victoria Began said, “This is a great day for SCAHC as we can now move forward with facility expansions that will increase the level of care and services we offer to San Carlos Apache Tribal members.”

Steve Titla, Chairman of the SCAHC Board said, “I want to thank our entire leadership team and Roeder & Company for their hard work and diligence in obtaining this funding. These new facilities are an essential part of SCAHC’s long-term strategic plan to add clinic capacity and long-term care that is consistent with our cultural heritage.”

Ground has already been broken for the new 46,000 square-foot Hospital Annex Supply Chain/IT Support Building that will be located next to the hospital in Peridot. The Annex Support Building will be completed in April of 2024 and will include space for all Information Technology and Supply Chain staff, as well as storage.

“Construction of the Hospital Annex/Support Building will allow us to free up valuable space in the hospital for critical health services. With additional space, we will offer expanded primary care, pediatric care, and other patient services,” Ms. Began said.

The new Clarence Wesley Health Center in Bylas will replace the existing facility that was damaged by shifting soils. The new Health Center will be larger and more advanced and will break ground in August of 2023. It is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2025.

“The new health center will allow us to expand and upgrade services including dental, pharmacy, imaging, and optometry,” Ms. Began said.

SCAHC received assistance in obtaining the financing from Roeder & Company, which utilized New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) to obtain funding from a consortium of Community Development Entities (CDE) that assist in providing funding to low-income communities.

The NMTC Program attracts private capital into low-income communities by permitting individual and corporate investors to receive a tax credit against their federal income tax in exchange for making equity investments in CDEs.

Roeder & Company Chief Executive Officer Reynold Roeder said, “We were able to bring an aggregate of $52 million in allocation to the project through a consortium of CDEs consisting of Clearinghouse, The Dakotas, Pacesetter, Ecotrust, Cityscape, and Wells Fargo.” Mr. Roeder went on to say, “This project truly carries out the intent of the federal New Market Tax Credit Program of providing investment to rural communities in the U.S.”