Public Notice – Environmental Assessment for LTC/SNF

To all interested parties and persons:

Notice is hereby given that a draft Environmental Assessment for the Long Term Care/Skilled Nursing Facility is available for review. The San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation (SCAHC) plans to construct a 117,000 square foot Long Term Care/Skilled Nursing Facility (Project) to be located near the hospital in Peridot, AZ. The turn-off road for this Project will eventually be located along U.S. Highway 70 near milepost 274.

The draft Environmental Assessment has been prepared to assess the environmental impacts of the proposed construction of the Project. An Environmental Assessment is required to comply with the requirements of entering a lease with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and in preparation for constructing the Project. SCAHC is seeking a finding that the Project will have no significant impact on the environment.

A full copy of the draft Environmental Assessment will be available for review at the Ambassador’s desk in the administration building of the hospital in Peridot, the front desk of the Tribal Administration Building in San Carlos, the Tribal Land Use Department or at this link. This Environment Assessment may be examined for a period of 30 days on Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Any individual, group, or agency desiring to comment on the Project may submit written comments to:

San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation
Attn: Victoria Began
PO BOX 787
Peridot, AZ 85542

All comments received after May 13, 2024, will not be considered.

Click here to view this message as a PDF.

View the full Environment Assessment document here.