Myron R. Moses

About Myron R. Moses

Board Member

Mr. Myron R. Moses is an enrolled tribal member of the San Carlos Apache
Tribe, residing in the Black Point area of the Bylas District. Mr. Moses brings
an astounding level of experience, having served on numerous public service
positions within the San Carlos and Bylas community. He is a former
Councilmember of the San Carlos Apache Tribe representing the Bylas
District, he has a dedicated twenty-one years with the Bureau of Indian Affairs
Law Enforcement Services, and has served as the General Manager of the
Apache Gold Casino Resort.
Currently, he serves as the Executive Director of the San Carlos Adult/Juvenile
Rehabilitation & Detention Center for the San Carlos Apache Tribe. In
addition to, Mr. Moses leads multiple organizations forward – serving as a
member of the following organizations: Ft. Thomas Unified School District Governing Board (BoardPresident), Bylas Community Committee, SCAT Relending Committee Board (Chairman), San CarlosApache Gaming Enterprise Board (Chairman), Non-Gaming Enterprise Board Chairman of the Public Recreation Services Authority (Chairman) and former Church Council of Our Saviors Lutheran Church. Mr. Myron R. Moses joined the Board of Directors in 2020.