Nam Le-Morawa

About Nam Le-Morawa

Chief Operating Officer for Professional Services

Dr. Le-Morawa graduated from Queen’s University in 1998 and has been practicing Physical Therapy since graduation. While working at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, she worked to address public health and wellness concerns by volunteering her physical therapy services in the Infant Screening Program for foster children, and pursued her Masters in Public Health (MPH) with a minor in Peace and Conflict Resolution. She concentrated her work on the effects of childhood exposure to violence and the resiliency of children who have suffered violence. This included a Masters paper on the psychological effects of Child Soldiers within the context of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN CRC).  She obtained her MPH in 2004 and shortly after graduation, volunteered 6 months in a medical mission in South East Asia.

Moving to Virginia, she pioneered the pediatric outpatient therapy program at Fauquier Hospital which has grown into a separate outpatient pediatric therapy center providing physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services to children in the surrounding communities. She worked to establish a VIPeds program dedicated to serving pediatric patients admitted to the hospital. In 2008, she completed her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

While at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix, Dr. Le-Morawa was a Clinical Rehabilitation Therapy Services Manager and was an integral team member who formulated a new approach to assessing fall risks in patients in the Acute Rehabilitation setting. Her team poster, “Triple Assessment of Falls “TAF” Test: A New Approach to Determine Fall Risk” was awarded the Presidential Poster Award for Quality Improvement at the American Geriatric Society 2019 Annual conference.

Since joining SCAHC in 2018, Dr. Le-Morawa brings with her a full range of expertise to include Neuro (post- CVA recovery), Pediatrics (neurodevelopmental) and acute Cardiac care. She has worked as Clinical Faculty at A.T. Still University providing clinical mentorship to neuro-residents in the Physical Therapy program. Dr. Le-Morawa continues to practice clinically throughout the Phoenix Valley area with work included at Phoenix Children’s hospital, Tenet-Abrazo system hospitals and Arizona Heart Hospital.

Dr. Le-Morawa has a broad understanding of cultures from living and working abroad. She possesses a strong belief that basic healthcare is a right, and strongly desires change to realize this belief. She works to expand clinical services to the entire community population, cradel to grave in a comprehensive manner: encompassing the body, mind, and soul, while being mindful of the familial and community relationships that exist for the patient as well. She also works to raise the profile of the very vulnerable groups within the community, namely the very young (infant) and the elderly. Her efforts also include identification, communication and collaboration with community and hospital clinicians to educate and serve the Native population of San Carlos.

Overall, Dr. Le-Morawa brings over 20 years of clinical experience across the whole continuum of rehabilitation settings. Currently, Dr. Le-Morawa is pursuing her MBA with specialization in Healthcare Systems Management. She plans to continue to create and expand services to make healthcare for the Apache Indian community the best in Indian country and rival any facility in the Country.