Brenda Parnell

About Brenda Parnell

Chief Financial Officer

Brenda Parnell is the Chief Financial Officer at San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation. Brenda has a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Colorado-Denver, certifications in quality internal auditing, Baldridge excellence, and corporate compliance.  She has served on international finance Board of Directors and on several board of directors for University systems and a nonprofit organization. She has published several articles around financial operations, internal auditing practices and healthcare corporate compliance. She spoke internationally through the Institute of Internal Auditors and has been a Healthcare Financial Management Association International Delegate. Prior to the CFO joining us, Brenda was a Clinical Professor at two University systems in the State of Washington. Brenda has a considerable background in Healthcare Administration as a prior CEO, Assistant Administrator, Chief Financial Officer, and Compliance Officer, and Controller in Critical Access Hospitals and at 638-compact tribal health care organizations in Alaska.


Brenda is committed to mentoring and developing staff about the financial performance of the organization. Brenda has an extensive experience in Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award program, Studer Group for culture of excellence, and Healthcare Corporate Compliance. Brenda enjoys mentoring and nurturing organizations around financial operations, leadership, and strategic planning.