Dr. Artemia Hill, Psy D., MS

About Dr. Artemia Hill

Board Member

Dr. Artemia Hill, an enrolled member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, has
lived off the reservation for nearly 20 years. She has a vast experience of
over 23 years in healthcare. Dr. Hill has five children; four boys and one girl
with three more boys added (whom are her son’s best friends). She is proud
of her 15 grandchildren that she loves so much. A true believer of education,
Dr. Hill has obtained an Associates and Bachelor of Science from Brookline
College in Healthcare Administration. She has further cinched a second
Bachelor of Science, Masters in Science both in Healthcare Administration
and Behavioral Health Psychology, and a Doctorate in Psychology and
Clinical Coordination from California University where she completed her
studies with honors. Currently, Dr. Hill is an experienced and staunch advocate for child safety, an investigator, forensic interviewer, expert witness, consultant Re: meconium, THC and various drug levels She states, “I appreciate the opportunity to help lead the entire team into the newness of success beyond boundaries and am excited to be a part of this amazing team.” Dr. Artemia Hill  joined the Board of Directors in 2020.