San Carlos Apache Healthcare  COVID-19 FUND


During this challenging time in our nation, San Carlos Apache Healthcare has been reaching out to its community members for donations of masks and gowns. Many have spent numerous hours sewing and donating these items to the hospital to keep medical staff, patients and families safe.


Homemade Medical Supplies

San Carlos Apache Healthcare is currently accepting homemade cloth masks and gowns.  Contact xxxxxx xxxxxxx at xxx-xxx-xxxx to find out how to drop off your items

Medical Supplies

Donations of surgical masks, eye shields, gloves, sanitizer and wipes will be accepted at the Healthcare Corporation by calling xxxxx xxxxxx at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Monetary Donation

San Carlos Apache Healthcare is accepting Monetary Donations to address immediate medical needs for staff.  These contributions will be used to purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and supplies for those treating patients in the community.