Patient Experience

Patient Experience

Consider us your Helpful Friends

SCAHC’s mission is to honor the traditions of Ndee through a caring, compassionate, and respectful healing team that serves and empowers our people. Our Patient Experience Department takes this mission to heart.

The SCAHC Patient Experience Department is an integral component of health care quality. Patient Experience includes several aspects of health care delivery that our patients value highly when they seek and receive care. These experiences include getting timely appointments, easy access to information, good communication with health care providers and an Apache interpreter.

JoAnn, Ambassador, SCAHC Administration (928)-475-1200
Edna and the staff of Ambassadors are here to help you navigate the hospital and help you feel at home while visiting SCAHC.  Call (928) 475-1400 to speak to an Ambassador today.
SCAHC is pleased to be of service, should you have any questions, please contact Carol Lewis, Patient Experience Advocate, at 928-475-1234 or you may send an email to