Pharmacy Recall

Pharmacy Recall

Pharmacy Alert Memo

This memo is to help patients understand which medications are safe to take in light of the recent drug manufacturer recalls.

Over the past few months there has been a few voluntary medication recalls based on information that there could be some impurities in a couple of drugs being manufactured. These recalls DO NOT affect any of the medications that have been given or dispensed from San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation.

The medications that were included in the recall include certain Losartan and Valsartan-containing products from the manufactures Mylan, Torrent Pharmaceuticals, and Aurobindo Pharma USA. These medications are typically used to help lower a patient’s blood pressure. More information can be found at the FDA’s website pertaining to which specific lot numbers have been recalled. ( However, San Carlos and Bylas Pharmacies HAVE NOT given out any of the recalled medication and patients should continue to take their current and future medications as prescribed by their providers.


Thank you,

SCAHC Pharmacy Management