Consider our Ambassadors your Helpful Friends

SCAHC’s mission is to honor the traditions of Nndéé through a caring, compassionate, and respectful healing team that serves and empowers our people. Our Ambassadors take this mission to heart.

An Ambassador’s sole job is to make sure every visitor who walks through our doors feels welcome and taken care of. They’re the comforting voices who will call you to schedule an appointment and the friendly faces who will greet you when you arrive.

When you walk into an SCAHC facility, go to the welcome desk to meet our Ambassadors. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you find where you need to go. Many of our Ambassadors speak Apache, Spanish, and Sign Language, so they also can lend a hand with translating if English isn’t your preferred language.

Whether you need a simple question answered or a calming companion to stay by your side during your visit, our Ambassadors are here to help every step of the way.

Bill Astor - Lead Ambassador
Bill Astor and the staff of Ambassadors are here to help you navigate the hospital and help you feel at home while visiting SCAHC.  Call  (928) 475-1400 to speak to an Ambassador today.